Dream Teams

Why We Serve

Only Believe functions because of the incredible volunteers who give their time and effort to the many teams within our church. Membership should naturally lead to serving, so we encourage you to find the place within our church that best matches your gifts and talents.

If you know where you would like to serve, you can pick up a Dream Team sign up sheet at the back table in the church. If you would like to serve in the Kids Church or with the the Youth, we ask you to please fill out a special Kids & Youth Application.

You may contact Pastor Kylan Booser at kbooser@obmcc.org to find places where you can use your gifts and talents in our church. Wherever you prayerfully choose to serve, we want you to know. Dream Teams help make us who we are! We prioritize our Dream Teams not just because of what happens because of them, but simply because we value the people who make up the teams.

We Love Our Volunteers!


The Ezekiel Project is a ten-month internship for men and women age 18 to 28 that is designed to prepare disciples for ministry. If you would like more information, please contact Pastor Kylan Booser at 937.693.3554 ext. 244, or email him at kbooser@obmcc.org.

Download the Ezekiel Project Info Packet