Media Policy

Only Believe Ministries Media Use Policy

Sharing photos and videos of individuals and events at Only Believe Ministries is a privilege for us, and we intend to respect and honor it.

In this digital age, the church takes many pictures of baptisms, choir performances and concerts, worship services, mission trips, special presentations, children’s church, fellowship activities and community outreach projects. We use these pictures to record, to promote, and to celebrate our church ministries. Pictures are used in bulletins, in slide shows and PowerPoint presentations, in printed publications, local broadcast, and on our church website and social media.

  • Printed publications include church newsletters, brochures, invitations, books, newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • Online sharing includes church newsletters (online version), website, Facebook page and groups, Twitter, Google+ page and YouTube channel.

Media Use Policy

  • Photos and videos are almost always of people in public spaces, and/or at public events.
  • We will not knowingly post anything that would be embarrassing, objectionable or hurtful to anyone in a photo or video.
  • We do not identify children or youth by name in the photos and videos we use in our online and printed publications.
  • To ensure the privacy of children and adults, the use of full names or personal identifying information requires verbal approval for adults and written approval for children from the parent or legal guardian.
  • If copyright for a photo or video is held by someone other than Only Believe Ministries, we will receive permission to post it and gladly provide credit if desired by the photographer.
  • We will gladly remove any photo or video upon request from our online sites. If you see a photo that includes you or your child and would like it removed from the site, please call 937-693-3554 or notify the site administrator at with the details.

Service Archive Policy

  • All regular services are captured and stored on multiple digital platforms including, but not limited to, DVD, digital video format, livestream recording, and social media livestream recording, for archival use.
  • Archived services in their entirety are stored on our web server for thirty (30) days. In special circumstances a congregation member may request a digital copy of the service. Only Believe Ministries only has the capability to provide digital copies of a service in its entirety thirty days after the original service date.
  • Should a congregation member require a service in it’s entirety after the thirty day archival period they may view the service on our Facebook page. All regular services are archived on Facebook via Facebook Live. Only Believe Ministries does not guarantee all services will be captured in their entirety. Circumstances outside of our control may deem captured files inadequate for publication.
  • Only Believe Ministries will do it’s absolute best to provide members with captured services upon request in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Any special request from a member to receive a specific captured service must be approved by the Media Director. Upon approval the member will provided a digital version of the service in its entirety. Only Believe Ministries doesn’t have the capacity to edit, modify, or cut services in any way.

Media Opt-Out Form

Some persons may choose not to have their photos, or photos of their children, used and we respect their wishes. Therefore, we are providing a Media Opt-Out form for individuals or families who prefer NOT to have photographs of themselves used by the church. If you have no objection to the use of your photos, you do not need to sign or return this form.

Copies of this form are available in the church office and online.

Permissions for Use of Our Media and Content

We ask for your respect in return. Unless otherwise indicated, photographs and videos are the property of and are copyrighted by Only Believe Ministries and may not be used for any purpose (including but not limited to: downloading, printing, distributing, linking) without permission from Only Believe Ministries.

We grant permission for limited sharing of our media and content. You may share YouTube Videos, website articles and Facebook stories on social media. You may link to our posted content but may not download and share content on a personal web page without permission. Please add attribution to Only Believe Ministries for any media you share with permission.

Please call 937-693-3554 ex. 227 or write to us at 13815 Botkins Rd., Botkins, Ohio if you have any questions or concerns about our Media Use Policy.  You can also send email to Thank you.


OBM Media Opt-Out Form (PDF)

OBM Media Permission Form (PDF)